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Alejandra Turpin

Simply Passive - Digital Marketing Course (MRR)

Simply Passive - Digital Marketing Course (MRR)

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Digital Marketing + Social Media course for beginners. It comes with Resell Rights to earn 100% profit!

Maybe you are just getting started on your journey with digital marketing and have ZERO experience.

Or maybe you have started a digital marketing business, but you are feeling stuck, are not seeing success, aren't sure how to show up on social media, or don't know where to start when it comes to creating your own digital product.

Maybe you are doing well with your digital marketing business, but you are ready to take it to the next level.

Wherever YOU are in your journey, this course was created just for YOU.

Simply Passive has 45+ video modules, templates, checklists, and more.

What you will find in the course:

-Neutral branding and aesthetic
-NO funnel creation involved or confusing set-up
-Modules and lessons all presented faceless
-VERY deep modules on niche to help you find EXACTLY who you are talking to and what your audience needs to hear
-Learn how to create faceless content [b-roll] that builds trust and converts to sales
-Easy-on ramp for beginners and great practical strategies for those who are stuck
-Heavy focus on social media strategies and content creation, including caption writing, hooks, trending audio, and more
-Step-by-step Canva module that teaches you how to create your OWN digital product [including templates]
-Learn how to brand yourself, including aesthetics
-Time Management
-Mastering your mindset and daily tips you can apply that will change everything
-Email marketing using Flodesk [including templates]
-An entire module dedicated to automation that includes Manychat, Flodesk, and more
-Learn how to batch content and save time
-QUICK START module that allows you to set up the course for reselling within minutes!
-Lifetime access to ALL updates to the course
-EXCLUSIVE community where you have access to support, a space to cheer others on, and more!

        AND it comes with Master Resell Rights, which means that you have your very OWN high-ticket digital product AND you can resell the course for 100% profit!



        **Mentorship & Support from me INCLUDED:

        When purchasing the course from me, you will have a weekly 1:1 call with me for the first month for FREE so you can hit the ground running. You will get daily trending audio and engagement from my exclusive network on all your reels to help you grow faster. I can't wait to see you succeed, and that's why I'll share with you all my tips for growth and sales!!


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        Loved it!!

        I am loving the course! 😍 just taking my time, even though I am almost ready to launch! 🥹I'm so excited to go through the content module too!! Literally crazy how much value offered in this course 🤯 I'm applying it to my other businesses as well which I'm super grateful to be able to implement those right away